A Kennewick police officer is on paid administrative leave during an investigation into the discharge of a police weapon.

Chief Ken Hohenberg says the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is performing a standard investigation utilized when an officer fires their gun.

Tuesday morning around 11:30am, police were chasing a man who was wanted, he'd been spotted in a backyard near 4th and South Olson Streets. He was gone when they arrived, but was later located in the 3700 block of West 4th. The suspect, 33-year-old Elijah Lull, was cornered by an officer in a backyard, but refused to follow commands. The officer fired his Taser, but it failed to drop Lull, who then pulled out a firearm. The officer fired in his direction but Lull was not injured.

However, he did drop his gun and surrendered without further incident. He was booked in the Benton County jail on his outstanding felony warrants as well as additional charges stemming from this incident.

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