Perhaps suspect looked like this? (Youtube still image)
Perhaps suspect looked like this? (Youtube still image)

Several Kennewick police officers sustained minor injuries after a lengthy foot chase involving a wanted suspect, who DIDN'T want to end up in jail. The officer pictured had his uniform ripped,  perhaps the suspect looked like Sponge Bob?

Wednesday morning, police spotted wanted suspect Darren Babb near the GESA parking lot by Huntington and Kennewick Ave. Police gave chase, as Babb realized he was wanted.

Police had a wild foot chase that ended north near Clearwater and Highway 395. A Tazer shot failed to bring him down, but officers scuffled with Babb and subdued him.  Some minor injuries were sustained by police, but Babb likely got the worst of it.

Authorities didn't say what his original warrant was for, but how he's also facing charges of possession of meth and resisting arrest.

Given the condition of the officer's uniform, we're pretty sure Babb sustained similar scrapes as well.


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