It started around 1A.M. Tuesday morning, and as of mid-morning was still going at it.

West Richland police didn't say exactly where the building was located, or what it was, but they were called to the area because of the noise. You see, unlike most business or even private alarms, this one was an old-fashioned round 'schoolyard' type of clanger.

Something or someone triggered the building's alarm, but now cops have not been able to turn it off.

And, police say it was not tied to or hooked to any known digital security system. To make matters worse, in the windows of the building or elsewhere, there was no emergency security sticker present.  Police say it's a GREAT idea to notify the county or city when you install an alarm (if you're a business especially) so that if an alarm does go off and you're not around, they can get it shut off after they investigate.

Most businesses post a sticker in the window with an emergency number to call in case the alarm is triggered and there's no actual threat, so it can be shut off.

West Richland police have not been able to get a hold of the owner yet, so since 1am this loud clanger still is ringing in town.  Whee!

Police cannot legally disable or shut off an alarm system without the owner's permission so....refer to previous paragraph!

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