Suspects Oak (L) and Guillen (R) (KPD)
Suspects Oak (L) and Guillen (R) (KPD)

The Kennewick Police Department is looking for these two 'older' gang members.

  Both wanted suspects are in their 40's

According to the KPD, their CAT, or Criminal Apprehension Team, is seeking to locate these two. The man is 48-year-old Christopher Oak, who goes by the gang nickname "Casper," and the woman is 42-year-old Yesenia Guillen, who goes by the gang name of "Babydoll."

Both, say the KPD, are wanted on a number of outstanding warrants.  What they are specifically wanted for was not released by KPD.

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Anyone who may have information on these two, or sees them, call (509)-6238-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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