On the heels of a sniping Tweet sent by Gov. Jay Inslee February 27 over the coronavirus, President Trump Friday referred to Inslee as a "snake."

The Hill and other news outlets reported Trump was touring some CDC facilities and was asked about Vice President Mike Pence's trip to WA, which has (per capita) been the hardest hit state by the virus.

Trump told reporters this about Inslee:

"I told Mike not to be complimentary to the governor, because that governor is a snake,I said, 'if you’re nice to him he will take advantage.'"

Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson are no strangers to President Trump, Ferguson has filed well over two dozen lawsuits against the Trump Administration, so many that many political commentators have found it a source of humor.

It's interesting to note that Administration officials do keep tabs on the political behaviors of various Governors, and that the CATO Institute (again) ranked Inslee as the worst Governor in the U.S. (he also 'won' in 2018).

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Here's the tweet, which referred to Pence setting up his visit:

Jay Inslee twitter
Jay Inslee twitter

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