Fortunately, she is OK, and was not harmed. But it was a terrifying experience.

Townsquare Media regularly has interns who work in a variety of roles, from digital to running boards for shows and more. We've utilized them for a number of years.

One of our interns, Kendal Saueressig, was part of our staff in 2016. We learned she was in attendance at the County Music Festival in Las Vegas, and was at the Jason Aldean show Sunday night when the shots rang out.  We reached out to her family, and received a text back. Here's some of what we were told:

"Kendal called
She was hysterical
She said she felt the bullets so close
They fell to the ground
Covered their heads
Didn't know if they should stay on the ground or run .
A guy grabbed them and told them to run
They ran out so fast
An über driver opened her door and told them to get in
And she drove them far away as fast as she could..."

Her family said they can't even believe this was happening, and like the rest of the country, we're trying to find words and thoughts to grasp it. But most importantly, she is OK, she's in a safe place. Our prayers continue to be with anyone who was there, affected, or involved.

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