Baker City, Oregon, police report a 46-year-old car thief broke into the Baker Garage auto dealership, and made off with a brand new 2013 Chevy Camaro. Police got the call around 7:43 a.m. Wednesday.

The thief, James D. Reedy, was tracked on I-84 by the GPS equipment contained in the "OnStar" onboard program. His exact location, direction and speed were sent to Oregon State troopers. "OnStar" operators then disabled the Camaro's engine, so it would not go faster then 30 miles per hour! Troopers were waiting for Reedy when he rolled up to their location; he pulled over and surrendered.

The reason "OnStar" did not shut off the car completely is the power steering would have been locked. Controlling the vehicle would have become nearly impossible and it would have likely crashed. Police report Reedy, who had been staying in a Baker City motel, suffered a "medical episode" at the scene and was taken to a hospital in La Grande before heading to Union County jail. The medical episode was most likely a heart attack!

(Oregon State Patrol-Union County Jail booking photo)