You've heard the ads from time to time, how multiple car models utilize satellite GPS systems, OnStar, for everything from reminding you about car maintenance to calling for help automatically in case of a crash. In this case, OnStar helped Kennewick police nail two car thieves hundreds of miles from the scene of the crime.

A man and woman got the surprise of their lives Thursday while they were sitting in the Walmart parking lot in Kennewick.  Several KPD patrol units surrounded them, and Daniel Perera and Christina Padilla were taken into custody.

The two, from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, had stolen a car from Ontario, CA and driven to the Tri-Cities.

Turns out, police learned of the theft because the OnStar onboard system notified authorities the car was taken. The two tried to tell police it was a rental and they had permission to driver it, but Ontario Police said they had stolen it without permission from Padilla's mother.

They're now in the Benton County jail, ready to be extradited back to CA.

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