According to a facebook post by the Kennewick Police Department, in relation to an incident that happened about three weeks ago, a group of suspects tagged various locations in downtown Kennewick with gang graffiti. A picture of one of the suspects has been released to ask the public for assistance in his and alleged cohorts' identification.

KPD Facebook 9-10-19
KPD Facebook 9-10-19

It was nice of homeboy, in his white tee and khakis, maybe a precursor of what he'll be wearing at Coyote Ridge, to stand and pose for a surveillance camera just long enough with the spray paint can in his hand for a quality image...thanks for that.

One posted comment hopes for a follow up picture of the perpetrator cleaning up the graffiti. I'll second the notion of having Rembrandt's potential punishment be having to scrub off his own "art" plus other eyesores.

If you know the subject in the picture, or anyone else involved, please contact Detective Long at 509-582-1325 and reference case #19-32717, or #19-32698.

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