After a GOP walkout virtually killed the initial carbon tax bill in front of the Oregon Legislature, Governor Kate Brown is threatening to use an Executive Order to push it through anyway.

GOP Senators made national news when they literally boycotted the legislative session over a controversial carbon tax bill.  It's being spun as a "climate change" or "carbon credits" plan, but it will place significant taxes on Oregon businesses and manufacturers.

Despite widespread opposition from numerous business groups and GOP legislators, Brown and the Democratically controlled Oregon Legislature are determined to pass it. But that was before GOP Senators boycotted. Even some legislative officials admitted the bill was 'dead.'

But now Governor Brown is trying to lure legislators back to the capitol by threatening to enact the carbon tax by way of Executive Order. Now Brown wants the legislators to go back to their communities and try to find a more compromising plan, so perhaps she got the message. A cap and trade plan similar to this was killed in the Washington State Senate a few years ago. Gov. Inslee wanted a similar plan.

For all intents and purposes, a cap and trade plan is a pollution tax levied on any and all businesses, producers and manufacturers, under the guise of raising money to fight alleged global warming and climate change.

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