The Washington State Department of Health has announced a new program that will enable teachers to bring climate change data into classrooms.

  New program underway

According to the Washington State Department of Health:

"Innovative lessons use state data to teach students about issues impacting their communities"

The DOH went on to say in their informational release:

"In an effort to engage students with local health and climate data, DOH is unveiling a free professional development course for teachers that uses DOH tools and data to explore the connections between asthma and wildfires, which are one of the most obvious impacts of climate change on Washington state."

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During Governor Inslee's tenure, the Department of Health has increasingly pushed the theories about how climate change allegedly affects health in our communities.

   Program comes with educational seminar for teachers

The Washington Tracking Network is a new site that allows more public data from a variety of sources to be accessible to citizens. This new plan includes a webinar for teachers entitled:

Using the Washington Tracking Network to Study Climate Impacts

The DOH says a variety of materials are available for teachers and students to look at, it's supplied by a variety of sources from the state.

No information was given about what resources are paying for these services.

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