Over the weekend citing supposed rising numbers of cases, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the state's economy might be 're closed.'

Oregon has just over 8,000 documented cases according to officials. Brown said she may order bars, restaurants and businesses to close again to "quell" the rising cases.

Last week mask requirements went into effect in the following counties:

 Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Hood River, Marion, Polk and Lincoln

Brown also said officials are closely monitoring hospital space, and capability to deal with cases should they require hospitalization.  According to sources, Brown did not make the mask requirement statewide because she was relying upon the county by county data. Some less populated areas with fewer cases may not require masks.

It is worth noting that 8,000 cases represents 0.19 percent or Oregon's 4.2 million residents.  That is zero point 19. 

UPDATE---as of Monday afternoon, Gov. Brown has extended the mask mandate to all counties in Oregon, as of 1pm. 

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