The tiny hamlet of Beavercreek, OR is in shock after Tuesday's double murder. Beavercreek is a small area about 20-25 miles south and east of Portland.

According to,  two men wandered onto the land owned by 33-year-old Robert John Hilands, and didn't make it out.

Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies say Tuesday morning Dustin Childress and Thomas Hegar Jr. were, for some reason, dropped off on a rural road near the entry gate of the property owned by Hilands. Childress was described by officials as being a known transient.

Authorities say the men were let off there by two women, officials aren't sure their exact relationship to the dead men. They then entered Hiland's property without permission.  A short  time later, one of the men, Childress, called the women to say they were being chased and shot at, and that Hegar had been hit.  Nothing else was heard from the two.

Then Wednesday, Sheriff's deputies interviewed Hilands based upon the information given by the women, and he confessed to fatally shooting the two, then concealing their bodies near the main gate to his property! According to their last phone call, the men were running for their lives, and saying they were being chased and shot at by a mad man.

Officials still don't know what happened or what prompted Hilands to chase and kill them. He's facing two counts of suspicion of aggravated murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

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