Oregon State Patrol and other authorities had a busy Saturday chasing a truck at speeds of 100 mph.

54-year-old Howard Ray Eackle is facing numerous felony charges after leading OSP and Pendleton Police on a chase through town. Shortly before 1 p.m. troopers received a report of a 1979 Ford F-150 driving erratically on I-84 west of town. Troopers tried to pull over the truck driven by Eackle and were led on a chase at speeds of 90+ mph -- briefly hitting 100!

Pendleton Police chased Eackle into town when he was finally stopped by what officers call a tactical vehicle intervention -- sometimes called a pit maneuver, except it involves using the police car to actually stay in contact with the suspect vehicle. Eackle sped through several parking lots prior to the TVI.

Eackle is known to be a transient who previously lived in the Eugene area. He was booked into the Umatilla County Jail on charges of felony eluding, hit & run, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment. Officials did not say if the truck belonged to Eackle, or where he got it from. Eackel managed to dodge a spike strip laid down on the freeway by the OSP.