At first we thought, what the...?

The St. Helens (Ore.) Police Department has joined Pasco and others in staging some pretty funny media displays, but doing so with a message.

The small Oregon city has had an "Officer Claus" on the force for some time, but he is apparentlyretired on Dec. 25.  He's an officer wearing a police blue Santa suit, and he assists in various community activities. But it didn't stop there.

Back on Dec. 18, the department pulled over and 'arrested' a drunken snowman behind the wheel.  According to the St. Helens Police Department,, resident Abomoninable T. Snowman was pulled over after residents reported seeing a car swerving in and out of traffic on Columbia Boulevard, one of the city's main streets.

Mr. Snowman, said the department, thought he could drive home from his Christmas party. He'd only had "a few" drinks.  He was arrested, and booked into the city jail.

Pictures and details of the 'incident' were plastered all over local media.

Of course it was done with the message to call a cab and not risk driving while intoxicated. But it did get our attention. Thanks to clever cops in Oregon!

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