It appears there could be a Referendum or Initiative on the Oregon ballot soon, that might make part of Oregon 'go away.'

For months, the "Move Oregon's Border" movement has been gaining momentum, and over 400 people attended a rally at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg. The movement is gathering signatures to put measures on the ballot that would actually incorporate Southern Oregon into part of Idaho. It would be, initially, spacious Douglas County.

Mike McCarter, who is the movement's president says while they need 2955 signatures to get the idea on the ballot, they're shooting for 4,000. The first move would be to get the citizens of Douglas County to approve it, then it would require the approval of three state legislatures and that of Congress. But supporters say, this is a start, and based upon the overwhelming response, at least the first part will not be hard to accomplish.

Group leaders say the people in these largely rural communities feel under represented and often overlooked by the West Side and liberal heavy state legislature and leaders.

The new state area would be called "Greater Idaho," and would dramatically alter the famous "panhandle" shape of Idaho.

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