Must have been a busy night!

A LaGrande, OR woman is facing a laundry list of charges after leading police on a wild chase in a stolen Cadillac at speeds exceeding 100 mph Tuesday night!

25-year-old Natasha Voyles of LaGrande was pursued by LaGrande Police, Union County Sheriffs and Oregon State Patrol officers after refusing to pull over. A LaGrande police officer spotted the 2000 Cadillac STS and began pursuit after getting word the car was stolen. She was seen driving on I-84 just past LaGrande.

After refusing to stop, Voyles, who had been West of the city, turned around and sped at speeds over 100 mph. back towards LaGrande. She was finally stopped when Oregon State Patrol troopers used a pit maneuver to spin the car out near an off-ramp. Voyles kept driving into town but lost control and stopped.   No other vehicles or any buildings were hit, and no one else was injured in the chase.

She and a passenger fled on foot but were quickly apprehended. She's facing five charges, including felony attempt to elude police in a vehicle, and no valid operators license (that one's not too surprising).

What was surprising was one of her booking photos.

Her passenger, 25-year-old Justin Hensley from LaGrande, was charged with misdemeanor attempt to flee on foot. He was released pending an upcoming court appearance.

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