If you didn't know this, the very last Blockbuster store in the world is located in Bend Oregon and now the store is doing something pretty amazing during the pandemic.

It's opening up as an Airbnb and it's like stepping back in time.

The Blockbuster is reopening as an AirBNB and the cost will only be $4 a night, the same charge that a movie would cost to rent it from Blockbuster.

The listing went up on Airbnb and can now be rented for residents of Deschutes County.

If you have friends in Bend, let them know.

You can book a one-night reservation to stay at the Blockbuster on Sept. 18, 19, or 20.

The listing only allows four guests from the same household but you'll get an unlimited movie marathon.

Guests will have to abide by social distancing guidelines and Airbnb has listed all the requirements online on their website

The cool thing is Airbnb is making a donation to the Deschutes Humane Society.

It'll be a mad rush to get a booking but some lucky families are really going to enjoy this experience.

You can check out more details at the Airbnb press room here

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