More details have emerged about a Pasco armed robbery and subsequent standoff that occurred late Sunday evening into early Monday morning.

Police were dispatched to the 500 block of west Bonneville, to an apartment complex about a robbery in progress. The incident began around 9pm when a victim told officers the suspect took his backback, then went into one of the apartment units.

At that time the suspect waved a gun and held two other people inside against their will for a number of hours. However, he gave up around 2am, after the pair took advantage of an opportunity to run and escape from the building. 35-year-old Ismael Soto Valdez was arrested, taken into custody and is now facing a number of charges.

Turns out the gun he was using, pictured in our story, was actually a very realistic BB gun.  But authorities say that won't lessen any of the charges he is facing now.

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