Location of arrest of stalker (google street view)
Location of arrest of stalker (google street view)

Sunday evening, a Pasco stalking and assault suspect was captured in part because of quick thinking by some pre-teens, and help from witnesses.

The man was captured after chasing teens

  Pasco officers were called to Atomic Foods at 1212 North 4th Ave. about a man who allegedly was stalking three teens.

Officers learned the three juveniles who were under the age of 13 were followed and then chased by the suspect through Volunteer Park. The teens ran to the Atomic Foods store where the man allegedly assaulted a witness who tried to prevent him from leaving.

William J Gledhill, hometown not listed, reportedly followed the youth into the store, but was prevented by leaving when witnesses held the door shut til Police arrived.

Gledhill was taken into custody and is facing multiple counts of stalking, plus an assault charge on one of the people trying to hold the door shut.

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Pasco PD says the three youth told them their parents said if anything like this ever happened to them, to run to a populated area with lots of people and ask for help.

No word yet on why the suspect was chasing the youth.


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