On August 29, the Pasco PD put this on their Facebook page:

"ASSAULT INVESTIGATION: Last Wednesday 082620 at about 11:22 AM, officers investigated a disturbance report in the area of Remington Drive and Chapel Hill Blvd, where new homes are being constructed across the street from occupied homes. There had been a physical confrontation between residents and members of a construction crew in what started as apparently a dispute over parking."

They went on to say the incident was under investigation. Tuesday, Sept. 15th, a Pasco couple appeared in Franklin County Superior Court to face charges related to the incident.

Godfrey Davis, 44 and Kaymesha Hanson, 41 both plead not guilty to 2nd and 4th Degree assault charges.  According to reports, worker David Smith suffered injuries in the incident, which began in a dispute over parking in the area. He claims a video of the fight contains language where a person is heard saying "don't help the white boy."

The attorney representing the couple says the incident occurred after a week of altercations over the parking and other topics, and Smith allegedly threatened their 15-year-old son with a hammer.

The couple will appear in court next on October 6. Pasco Police have gone on the record as saying the fight was NOT racially motivated, but over frustration over parking issues between area  residents and construction crews near Remington Drive and Chapel Hill Boulevard during the last few weeks leading up to the incident.

Police spent significant time interviewing multiple parties, and the video that reportedly captured much of the fight, before issuing the charges.

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