A Pasco family had to protect themselves with their own gun after a homeless mad man jumped in front of their SUV with his gun and started banging on their hood.

The insane encounter happened late Monday night on the corner of S Hugo and E Alton Streets in Pasco, according to the Pasco PD Facebook page.

The homeless man, now identified as Jose Luis Loera ( DOB 071089 ), allegedly jumped in front of the victims SUV. He was yelling and waving a gun in the air. The father in the SUV has a concealed weapons permit and fired his Glock 9mm in the air as a warning while driving in reverse away from the suspect.

credit Pasco Pd Facebook
credit Pasco Pd Facebook

Loera started running towards the backing up SUV and that is when the father shot directly at the man, hitting him.

The family drove away down the street to a safe distance and then called 911. Loera was found a short distance away in a doorway, screaming at residents how he had been shot and threatening to shoot them also. Loera then walked away and was found a short time later without a gun on him.

Witnesses identified Loera as the suspect at both locations and was arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Threats to Kill.

The gun was never found and is still believed to be somewhere in the area.

If you find the gun, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Call 911 and stand by until police arrive.

If anyone has info about this case, call Pasco Police at (509)545-3421 weekdays or Dispatch at (509)5453510 nights and weekends about case PP18-06742 Weapons


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