Pasco Police said Monday the attempted forgery by a Prescott man at a store was actually 'old school.'

Because far fewer people use paper checks it was a little unusual. Last Friday, officers were called to the Promociones Daisy discount store, at 114 S 5th. street by some alert workers who suspected foul play.

39-year-old Timothy Dean Sain entered the store and attempted to cash a check made out to a man with the last name of "Kinsman," from O'Brien Construction. However, a check of the data showed Sain had put made-up account and routing numbers on the check, and used old company data and a logo taken from the internet.

Pasco PD
Pasco PD

He also had a fake driver's license that contained apparently ID from a Mr. Kinsman as well. Sain is now in the Franklin County jail on two counts of check forging and fraud, and one count of ID theft for the license.

Pasco Police said they are not sure how many of these types of checks related to Mr. Sain might be floating around the area. They didn't elaborate if they think he's done this before.

Anyone who may come across a suspected forged or fake check, you're urged to contact the police in your appropriate jurisdiction.  A phony check related to THIS suspect, if passed or attempted to be passed in Kennewick or Richland, would have to be investigated by their law enforcement.

If you were one of these folks, you probably wouldn't need to forge a check.


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