A former immigrant who defrauded investors of millions of dollars over a defunct Port of Pasco green energy plant may not be from Europe after all, and new charges claim he used a dead baby's ID to obtain a passport.

You may recall a few years ago we told you about Green Power, a plan to turn municipal waste into energy, by way of a plant at the Port of Pasco. The founder and owner, Michael Spitzauer, was supposedly an Austrian immigrant who came here in the 1990's. The story ended with the plant going under in 2015, he went to prison for embezzling and defrauding investors and the IRS out of nearly $16 million dollars.

Now, new hearings have taken place indicating he allegedly used a dead baby's ID to obtain a passport, and he claims four years ago he learned he was actually born in Texas.

He apparently wants to withdraw his guilty plea in Federal court on the passport charge.  To find out more about this VERY bizarre new set of developments, click on the button below.

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