Around 4:35pm, Pasco school officials received word of a man on the main campus near the baseball field, who reportedly made a threat against the school.

Pasco Schools released the following statement:

FINAL UPDATE: At approximately 4:35 p.m. today (March 15) Pasco High School went into lockdown after Pasco Police reported they received a call that a man on campus near the baseball field had made a threat against the school. Pasco Police immediately responded and took command of the scene. The school followed their lockdown procedures and students were evacuated. Pasco Police cleared the building. All evening events at Pasco High School were cancelled. The lockdown was lifted and the building was cleared at 7:10 p.m.

The district is aware that there have been conflicting reports regarding the nature of the threat, including a report that the man had a weapon. Those reports are unconfirmed at this time and Pasco Police will continue to investigate.

Classes will resume as normal at Pasco High School on Friday, March 16. The district will provide additional counselors to support students and staff at the school.

--The investigation continues, but officials have not said exactly WHAT the threat was, or if the man in question has been found.

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