According to Pasco Fire officials, the blaze that consumed a home at 1753 North 22nd continues to be investigated, but it's mysterious that it "rekindled" according to fire officials. The new blaze started late Thursday night.

Earlier in the day, the fire was reported at the home, three people were able to get out, and are now being helped by the Red Cross. Benjamin Shearer of the Pasco Fire Department says the scene was secured by crews, and they left for the night.

However, around 11:58pm, crews were sent back as the fire had, in the words of Shearer, "rekindled." It was again in the back of the home, the original source of the blaze. Officials have still not pinpointed what they believe to the exact cause of either blaze.

A crew was left at the scene overnight to make sure the fire didn't ignite again, or perhaps nobody "helped" it start again.  We're NOT trying to assume arson, but it's very suspicious at this time. We will wait for Pasco Fire to assess it.

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