Missing woman, and man who later tried to kidnap her son and also burned her car (Seattle Police)
Missing woman, and man who later tried to kidnap her son and also burned her car (Seattle Police)










Seattle Police have updated information about a case grabbing headlines across the PNW and now even the nation.

   Missing woman last seen at Mariner game March 31st.

Seattle Police say an unidentified body has been found as part of an investigation into a missing woman.

  56-year-old Leticia Martinez-Cosman was last seen at the Mariner game at T-Mobile Park on March 31st, she was attending the game with the man seen in this picture, identified as 46-year-old Brett Gitchel.

Cosman did not return from the game, and on April 2nd her family reported her as missing. SPD has not said what the relationship is (if any) between Cosman and Gitchell.  But they did report earlier that Gitchell has been arrested for allegedly trying to kill Cosman's son on April 2nd, around 2 AM.

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SPD says Cosman's son Patrick was awakened by a man knocking on his bedroom door, saying his mother had been in an accident and he was going to take him to her. Then Gitchell kidnapped the son, and drove him around in a car before the youth could break free and flee--hiding in some bushes where he called 9-1-1.

According to MyNorthwest.com:

"Gitchel has since been charged with first-degree kidnapping, unlawful possession of a firearm, first-degree theft, and second-degree arson. The arson charge is related to Seattle firefighters discovering a vehicle “fully engulfed” in flames less than two miles from T-Mobile Park on April 2. The vehicle, a 2016 Honda CRV, was identified as belonging to Martinez-Cosman and was determined to have been torched using an accelerant."

Now, on Wednesday, SPD says as part of the investigation, they have discovered a body in Renton, WA.  Prosecutors say the body is "linked" to the investigation, and the location of the body is about a mile from where the kidnapping and assault of the son took place.

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