Is the bark worse than the bite? Sometimes so.

Friday, Pasco police were trying to extricate a wanted suspect from a home in town, and brought along K-9 Lemon, one of the department's police dogs.

The suspect, whose name was not released, was repeatedly warned by officers they were sending in the dog, but the suspect didn't believe them...that is until he heard K-9 Lemon put up a barrage of ferocious barks.

By then the suspect had moved from a crawl space into the home's HVAC duct work, and was trying to escape. As he kicked out a vent, he found a Pasco officer waiting for him, so he retreated back inside. But by this time K-9 Lemon had exceeded his patience and he began to bark rapidly and was clearly trying to tear into the system to get at the suspect.

Police say this scared him enough he came out and surrendered without incident under the watchful eye of Lemon. Sadly, he didn't get to chomp him, but officers say he sufficiently terrified the suspect he gave up and didn't resist at all.

Sometime the bark is worse than the bite. This suspect will probably now cringe every time he hears the barking of a large dog.

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