Gotta admit it, when a K-9 has it's 'way' with a suspect, we all secretly love it.

The thought of a suspect being tossed or chomped by a police dog has this Karmatic feel to it. This image of Pasco K-9 Jucon makes him look so innocent...maybe.

Such was the case last Friday. Pasco Police this week credited K-9 Jucon for pretty much single-handedly (or is it paw-edly?) dealing with a wanted suspect.

A person who lives at South B street and South Fourth Lane called 911 after seeing a man climbing through a window in their home, the suspect had apparently smashed out the glass.

Police crews sprang to the scene, and released K-9 Jucon to go after the man. Officers do give a warning to such suspects to come out and surrender or they will send in the dog. This guy refused.  Bad move.

Jucon tore into the home, located the man under a bed. Chomping onto his arm, he literally dragged the suspect to where officers could apprehend cuff him (after a visit to the hospital to fix his arm, of course).

32-year-old Nacho Ramos-Canuto is now in the Franklin County jail on residential burglary and other charges.

Again,  K-9 1, suspct -0-.   Such an innocent picture of Jucon chewing on his regular toy.

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