A Pasco man is facing multiple felony charges after he allegedly held his girlfriend against her will on Thursday night Pictured is damage to her apartment.

Martin Gutierrez, 26, of Pasco, was arrested at a relative's house later in the evening. His ex-girlfriend said she was able to escape her apartment where he'd been holding her for more than an hour.

Pasco police say around 9:15 p.m, he violated a no-contact restraining order by going to her apartment. He eventually gained access, began to argue with her, and then refused to let her leave. He physically restrained her from going, and finally she was able to lunge for the door before he could get there.

She fled to a nearby store and called 9-1-1.  Gutierrez was later arrested, and is facing at least three felony counts related to the incident. The victim did not sustain any significant injuries.

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