This is a remarkable story about how Pasco police worked doggedly to catch a felony suspect who decided to skip his own trial November 29th. Officials weren't just going to let him get away.

From the Pasco PD Facebook page, it reads like a TV crime chase show:

"A MULTI-STATE GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK: Francisco Gonzalez Gonzalez missed a VERY important date 11/29/17: his own jury trial!

A nationwide warrant was issued for his arrest. He is charged in Franklin County Superior Court with two counts of Assault in the Second Degree (DV) and Interfering with the Reporting of Domestic Violence with more charges coming.
Officer Eric Fox worked quickly with the prosecutor’s office and our DV Advocate to ensure that the alleged victim was safe. Afterwards he & other officers went to numerous addresses in the Tri-Cities looking for Gonzalez Gonzalez without any luck. West Richland PD helped out and they didn’t have any luck either.

The torch was passed to the Pasco PD Street Crimes Unit who discovered he hopped a greyhound bus bound for Georgia. He stopped in Salt Lake City and their local law enforcement missed him. We tried to head him off in Denver. After persistent calling all day and getting routed to every dispatch center in the greater Denver area, and having no luck with the Greyhound station (whose calls are routed through the Philippines!) Pasco PD SCU Detective Brad Leininger finally got a real life police sergeant on the phone. Then law enforcement in Denver missed him by half an hour.

Then somewhere in Kansas he got spooked and law enforcement missed him again. Fast forward to 5 AM eastern time yesterday. The US Marshals Service finally caught up with and arrested him at a relative’s home in Georgia."

---Whew!  We're glad they finally caught him!

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