A man from Pasco must have a very large pain tolerance after being shot in the foot with a bullet, but he thought it was just a sprain.

The man was walking around Court & 24th Street around 4:30 am when he felt a pain in his foot and thought he sprained it, according to reports. He walked 4 blocks and then hitched a ride to Kennewick and realized that his foot was bleeding and went to Trios.

When the hospital checked his boot they realized it was a non-life threatening gun shot wound. The victim could not identify the man that gave him a lift to Kennewick and did not know his current phone number or address. He also could not give any description of the suspect that shot him or any other details.

Pasco Police can not release the name of the victim because of HIPAA laws but are still investigating. If you have any information about this case and have witnessed anything that might be related, please contact (509)545-3421 or email Officer Ron Seltun at seltunr@pasco-wa.gov about case PP18-16119.

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