Over 9 years after fatally stabbing a doorman at a Pasco nightclub, the suspect has been extradited to Washington state, and is in the Franklin County jail.

Adan Virgen-Ponce', 37, was found to be the suspect who fatally stabbed Froilan Godines who was working as a doorman at the El Patron night club at 1107 West Lewis Street. February 7th 2010, Ponce' tried to leave the club with alcohol, which is against the law. He stabbed Godines in the ensuing altercation.

He fled to Mexico, but was located and released by Mexican authorities last February. After being brought back here, he plead guilty to murder. He will be sentenced March 26th, and could face anywhere from 12 to 22 years in jail. To find out more about the case, click on the button below.

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