Driver rams cop car in Pasco (PPD)
Driver rams cop car in Pasco (PPD)

Pasco Police have now released a video of a driver ramming a Patrol Car during a traffic stop.

  Driver backs up, rams patrol car in Pasco

Thursday, March 10th, Officer Leininger (who is the K-9 handler for Zador) pulled over this vehicle for expired plates.

During the stop close to 20th and Court in Pasco,  the driver pulled into a parking lot and stopped.

But as they waited (as the Officer was running the plates presumably) the unknown driver popped into reverse, and slammed back into the patrol car.

  Driver still on the loose, being sought

The driver nearly hit a pedestrian as they raced away.  ID'ing the driver is being made more difficult as the address that's listed with the vehicle is not current. Anyone who may have information about this case, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. The video is below.

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