This incident occurred last month at the Pasco Yokes Fresh Market on Road 68 in Pasco. 'A sweet little Old Lady' accidentally left her purse in a cart, a middle-aged lady found it and almost did the right thing...but sadly NOT

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

SOMETIMES WE ARE THAAAT CLOSE to doing the right thing. Officer Ana Ramos and Sergeant Brad Gregory would like to ID and speak with the depicted female about an incident at Yoke's back on September 3, Tuesday evening about 4PM. A sweet little old lady (SLOL) accidentally left her purse in a shopping cart. Someone We Would Like To Talk To (SWWLTTT) is on video picking it up out of the cart, heading towwward Customer Service, but then veering off to the deli area, rummaging through the purse, then going baaack to Customer Service, where she turned in the purse. The SLOL reported that the purse was returned to her intact except it was missing $190 cash.

If you have info about this case, please call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Ramos at about case 19-27595 Theft.

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If she looks like your Mom or Grandma call the Pasco PD...sheesh!

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