Pasco Police have released some new information intended to calm the public and clarify what's ACTUALLY going on with COVID from a law enforcement perspective.

No doubt, a lot of mis-information being spread, especially on social media. Here's a few key points from Pasco Police about what's real and what's not:

(When it comes to non-essential businesses, or large groups who continue to gather etc): "REVIEW: For violators who persist in creating risk by violating directives, law enforcement officers have the ability to charge that violator with a misdemeanor crime in District Court. If the officer is watching the violation, it could be a bookable offense. In other words, if someone really just cannot take a hint, he could be booked. That would be literally our last resort, if warnings and/or a citation would not work. This misdemeanor crime would still be taking place against a backdrop of other misdemeanor and felony crimes, at a time when jail bookings and court schedules are even more restricted than normally."

Stay At Home...This is a big clarification:

"STAY-AT-HOME versus QUARANTINE: These two terms are different but get confused. Governor Inslee’s stay-at-home directive just means that unless you are conducting essential business, don’t travel. You are not confined to the house, either; you can walk the dog, go jogging, or ride your bike as long as you stay 6’ away from anyone who isn’t living in your house with you."

And for those spreading rumors about stoppages, checkpoints, and "enhancing" stories about the National Guard coming in (they're only helping Food Banks, medical logistical jobs etc--NOT law enforcing) this is important:

"CHECKPOINTS AND TRAVEL PAPERS are still just unfounded rumors. Police are not stopping people just to see where they are going. You do not have to have a document from your employer saying that you are essential. If travel was ever restricted to certain areas by the County Health Official, it would be clearly posted with signs and it would be a larger version of the requirements to stay out of (for example) long-term care facilities that have been multiple cases of COVID-19 spread inside the building. There will not be checkpoints on roadways, stopping passing traffic."

Other departments corroborate this, whether Sheriff's or police.  These are the facts, and this is what's going on.  Yes, it's serious, but not as bad as some would have you believe. Get facts and information before making a decision.


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