Idaho State Capitol-Boise (google street view)
Idaho State Capitol-Boise (google street view)

Idaho recently passed a law making it a criminal offense for an adult to assist a minor when it comes to abortion-related care without parental consent. Now, WA AG Bob Ferguson has joined other states in challenging this rule.

Ferguson claims it will harm women

According to information from the AG's Office, Ferguson said in a statement:

“The Constitution protects the individual right to travel between states, and Idaho’s radical Legislature cannot abolish that right, Washington is standing up for the Constitution and reproductive freedom to support this challenge to Idaho’s unconstitutional abortion travel ban.”

Ferguson claims Idaho's abortion laws are among the most restrictive in the nation, and allegedly have created a massive increase in traffic of women coming to WA for abortion-related care.

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Earlier this year Gov. Inslee wrote a letter to Idaho Governor Brad Little, urging him to veto House Bill 242, which made it a criminal offense for an adult to assist a minor in getting an out-of-state abortion without parental consent.

Little's response included this statement:

"It is hard to imagine why someone would leave Idaho for Washington when your state is home to sky high taxes, crime, and public encampments, Meanwhile, Idaho has turned back more tax relief per capita than any other state, we’re one of the safest states in the nation, and we don’t back down to activists – we kick illegal public encampments off public property."

Little's response hit a nerve, and Inslee's office responded in part by saying:

"Unserious diatribes will not deter Washington from defending the freedom and safety of anyone who comes here. That’s one reason why we’re consistently ranked one of the best states to live, work and do business."

The abortion travel ban legislation passed the Idaho legislature by a vote of 27-7 this spring.

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