Pasco Police are treating two suspicious fires as arson.

Early Wednesday morning, around 2:41AM, a fire was reported in an alleyway next to the Franklin PUD building. Someone set fire to a pile of car parts and tires, causing some damage to a fence, a nearby utility pole and some of the stucco on the side of the building.

Then less than an hour and a half later, around 3:37AM, a car was found on fire near the intersection of Lewis and Cedar Streets. Police and Fire Units responded, and after contacting the owner, found it had been stolen from a residence in the 400 block of North Douglas. It appears the vehicle was taken earlier during the overnights hours, judging from the owner's reaction.

It's being treated as a vehicle theft and arson. Anyone with any information on either fire is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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