Arsonist(s) try to fire up Pasco impound lot (PPD)
Arsonist(s) try to fire up Pasco impound lot (PPD)

The alleged fire occurred either very late night Tuesday 11-24 or early Wednesday 11-25 in Pasco, now officers are seeking possible tips or leads from public.

Police say one, possibly two suspects, tried to set fire to cars inside the Casady Towing Compound near 17th and A street in Pasco. It appears, according to the investigation, a Molotov cocktail type device was used with flammable liquid to try to set two vehicles on fire. Both vehicles had been doused.

The evidence was found by an employee Wednesday morning when the lot opened.

Footage from a nearby security camera shows 2 Hispanic males leaving the area in a gold four door Toyota Camry (or similar vehicles) close to the time of the incident. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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