Sheriff’s Looking for Suspects in Stolen Gun Case
Benton County Sheriff's are seeking these two people, labeled as 'persons of interest' in the recent theft of a gun from a home in the Benton City area.
They are Johnathan Lee Harmon and Stormy Louann Westerfield. Anyone with any information to their whereabouts is urged to call (509)-…
Mall Theft Suspect Plows Over Woman While Trying to Flee Cops
Two suspects led Kennewick police on separate chases Saturday night after police learned they were wanted on warrants, and were located at Columbia Center Mall.
Police say 21-year-old Jonah Glass, and 31-year-old Jose Perez Gonzalez fled when police located them at the mall on warrants...
19-Time Commercial Burglary Suspects Arrested
Walla Walla police believe they've apprehended two suspects who are linked to a long series of commercial and business break-ins, dating back to September.
Police say at least 19 such incidents have occurred since September at a variety of businesses...
Shooting Victim’s Car Inspected by Pasco Police
Pasco police released some photos of their Investigative Services detectives 'taking apart' the can in which Saturday's shooting victim was riding.
The incident began Saturday night around 11pm. Two young men were driving away from the Walmart in Pasco, as they headed south on Road 68,…
Friday’s Fugitive Finder Features All Kinds of Folks
It's time for another Friday Fugitive Finder, provided by the Grant County Sheriff's office in Ehprata. However, these folks are wanted by the Department of Corrections, and could be anywhere in Eastern WA.
This program works, in the last week, 14 people on the last from previous posts were…

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