Truck was an exact replica of ones used by US CBP (CBP image)
Truck was an exact replica of ones used by US CBP (CBP image)








Drug and illegal immigrant smugglers have resorted to a wide variety of tactics to get their contraband over the US Border from Mexico.  They've used semi-trucks, airplanes, vehicles with fake compartments, and even semi-submersible 'subs' to smuggle drugs and other items. But this is a new one.

 Customs and Border Patrol seizes 'cloned' US truck

Last Saturday, July 22nd, around 6:15 AM, US Customs and Border Patrol agents (CBP) on patrol a few miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry saw someone cutting through the steel international fence. The Calexico Port is south of El Centro, CA and about 90 miles east of San Diego.

   When CBP Agents arrived at the location, they not only found 17 illegal immigrants who had been smuggled just over the border, they also discovered (on the Mexican side) an exact replica, or 'clone' of a US Border Patrol truck.

It was an exact replica, even down to some of the more basic radio equipment carried by these units. The decals and markings were enough it would have fooled most people. Nothing was said about any stolen vehicles, CBP said it was an exact replica.

CBP officials said smugglers will stop at nothing in their attempts to get items over the border, no word if US officials have encountered any similar 'cloning' incidents. According to CBP:

"The 17 individuals located with the truck were detained by Mexican authorities. The vehicle was seized by Mexican authorities and the damage made to the international boundary fence was repaired. An investigation into the incident is ongoing."

No word if anyone was arrested who was 'associated' with the vehicle.

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