Pasco Police have released the video footage of a traffic stop that occurred July 30 on Road 68 at I-182, that resulted in the non-fatal shooting of a wanted suspect.

Santiago Ayala-Pineda was wanted for a shooting in Kennewick on July 19, accused of shooting another person. He was being sought on First Degree Assault and Unlawful Firearm Possession charges. Investigators had received information July 30 that he might be riding in a certain vehicle, and it was located and pulled over by Pasco Police.

Officer Andrew Corral conducted the initial stop, but did not see Pineda laying on the floor curled up behind the driver's seat. Detective Sgt. Warren did. He was ordered to exit the vehicle, officers saw he had a gun. During the exchange officers noticed a small child in the back seat, and were extremely worried for the child's safety.

Pineda was armed, and refused to surrender, then apparently went for it. Officer Corral shot him once, then he was wrestled from the car. Detective Boykin of Pasco PD arrived and helped remove the gun. Pineda was given medical attention before being arrested. The case was turned over to the Special Investigations Unit. Picture below is video still of the gun Pineda went for. The final SIU investigation was delivered to the Pasco PD Sept. 29th 2020.


Here is the video, the stop begins around 4:39 when Officer Corral begins the stop.

WARNING  the video contains coarse language, disturbing dialogue and could be traumatic for some viewers. 

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