Pasco Police are on the hunt for a suspect or suspects that ransacked a school bus garage over the weekend.

The Pasco Police posted on their Facebook page that the Pasco School District Bus Garage had been burglarized over the weekend. The Pasco Police posted these details about the theft:

Over the weekend, someone burglarized the Pasco School District school bus garage, which is on Stearman between 4th and Argent. They cut a hole in the fence on the southwest corner, ransacked vehicles, and stole tools. They may have been parked north of there near Argent.

Anyone with info is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Haworth at about case 20-21575 Burglary.

A lot of comments are centering around the fact that bus garages don't usually have much to steal and tools being the main item stolen, hopefully that means pawn shops and other folks will know when these items hit the street. You can check out more details on the thefts here.

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