Hunters, 1; animal rights activists, 0. 

An animal rights group in Pennsylvania is asking authorities to investigate after a remote-controlled "flying camera" (or drone) they were using to spy on a pigeon shoot was itself shot down Sunday.

The group SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) was using the craft to spy on a shooting event taking place at the Berks County, Pennsylvania, hunting club when it was hit by a bullet from a high-powered rifle.

The club was conducting a pigeon shoot, in which hundreds of birds are released and the hunters attempt to bring down as many as they can at the Wing Point commercial hunting grounds. According to SHARK officials, the shooters stage their events in a wooded area on a hill only visually accessible by air. The group found they couldn't videotape the shoots because they would be charged with trespassing, so they procured the "Octocopter" so they could take footage.

SHARK members claim they heard a sharp "crack" of a rifle, then immediately lost the video feed from the drone. They were able to regain control of it, and bring it back down to their location.  The unit sustained about $4,000 in damage. No comment has been issued by the Wing Point facility, but SHARK members say this only makes them more determined to end the pigeon shoots.

The animal rights group says this is the fourth time their drone has been shot at, but this time the hunters didn't miss!

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