The investigation continues, but Benton County Sheriff's deputies say the pickup driver was trying to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road when they collided head on with the old school bus.

Around 6 am Wednesday, Deputies responded to Webber Canyon road, about a mile and a half from the Badger Road intersection. Officials say the pickup tried to pass another car in the darkness, but in the process slammed head on into the old bus.

The bus had been converted into a farm worker transportation vehicle, it had 16 people on board, but none sustained injuries. The pickup driver died at the scene. The bus was headed North.  Officials didn't say if the pickup was passing on a corner, but based upon Google Earth and other maps, the accident scene appeared to be near a curve.

Who owns the bus and where the workers were bound for was not released, nor has the name of the driver. More information expected soon.