Sunday morning, Kennewick Police were able to help avoid what could have been a very ugly situation.

Around 6:45AM officers responded to a 911 call in the 7800 block of West Deschutes, where the caller told the dispatcer a woman had grabbed a firearm, then the line went dead. Police said they'd been told it was a domestic dispute between a man and woman.

Upon arrival they were able to get several other people in the residence out safely, then got the male out OK, who was in the back of the house along with the woman.

Then they were able to get the woman to put down the gun, and convince her to drop it. Police said it appeared alcohol exacerbated the situation.

The woman was eventually charged with 2nd Degree Domestic Violence. Police advise people to lock up or properly store firearms, and do not allow use or handling if alcohol is involved, or drugs.


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