Pasco Police Chief Bob Metzger and many other officers helped avert a possible disaster after arresting a kid that allegedly threatened people with a gun during the 4th of July celebration parade.

Chief Metzger had someone they know alert them that they saw a kid with a pistol stuck in the waste band of his pants, point it at people including other kids, and then run away, according to reports.

The woman said she saw him "pull up his shirt, pull a pistol out of his waistband, and appear to make a threat to two nearby kids, who ran away."

The witness pointed out the kid to the Chief and with the help of a reserve officer confronted him after he walked to the PUD parking lot.

During the confrontation, Resource Sergeant Scott Warren, saw the Chief and another officer confronting the kid and went over to help.

The kid became uncooperative and the officers put the kid against a patrol car to be frisked, but had to eventually be taken to the pavement. The gun was located quickly during the struggle.

Officer SRO Curt King was on a patrol bicycle in the area, also saw the confrontation and rushed over to help. Officer Webber-Williams and Sergeant Warren were holding the suspect down while officer King got him handcuffed.

Officer ARO Ray Aparicio and Officer Andy Corral also helped with the situation.

The kid was taken to Juvenile Detention. The gun found on him was an old Iver Johnson break-front loaded with mismatched rounds.


AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! This is a great story. Bear with us for one paragraph to set the scene:

It was a busy, fun-filled morning of the Fourth of July at about 10:25 AM. The Grand Old Fourth parade had started from Volunteer Park at about 10 AM had over 100 entries, which would not finish departing until about 11 AM. Meanwhile, at the end point, Memorial Park, the annual Kiwanis breakfast feed was underway and a car show was setting up nearby in the park. The crowds on the route were huge and the weather was perfect.

Pasco Police Chief Bob Metzger was helping out at the Kiwanis breakfast. He was approached by a relative of another Kiwanian (they know who he is, even off-duty), who reported that she just saw a kid in the park pull up his shirt, pull a pistol out of his waistband, and appear to make a threat to two nearby kids, who ran away. Then she pointed out a kid and said that was him, right there.

As the kid walked eastbound toward the Franklin PUD building, Chief Metzger located one of our brand-new Reserve Officers, Chris Webber-Williams, whom he found posted on the corner, doing traffic control on the parade route. Together, they confronted the kid in the PUD lot, since he appeared to be a juvenile (too young to legally possess a pistol) and had reportedly been brandishing it in a threatening manner.

As the kid was initially being uncooperative, Resource Sergeant Scott Warren, the incident supervisor for the parade event, walked into the lot to return to his car. He saw the confrontation, heard the chief say that the kid reportedly had a pistol in his waistband, and put the kid against a car for a frisk. When the kid resisted, he was taken to the asphalt, the pistol was quickly located, and he was arrested for being a juvenile in possession of a pistol.

SRO Curt King had been on bicycle in the area and saw the struggle begin. As Officer Webber-Williams and Sergeant Warren were working to control and disarm the kid, Officer King arrived in time to get him handcuffed. He was followed quickly by ARO Ray Aparicio, on another bicycle. They called an on-duty patrol guy, Officer Andy Corral, over to transport the kid to Juvenile Detention in his patrol car.

The pistol involved was an old Iver Johnson break-front loaded with mismatched rounds.

We would be very interested in speaking with the two kids from the park who were originally threatened. Anyone with info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)545-3510 or email Sergeant Warren at about case PP18-33705 Weapons.

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