West Richland suspect run down by K-9 (WRPD)
West Richland suspect run down by K-9 (WRPD)

Wednesday afternoon, Pasco PD and Benton County Deputies helped West Richland Police run down and catch a suspect.

The man violated a no-contact order related to Domestic Violence

WRPD did not give the location where the incident occurred but responded to a call from a victim. A male suspect violated a no-contact order with the woman, related to a previous Domestic Violence incident.

The man fled on foot just prior to officers arriving, they gave chase as the man ran through numerous backyards in the neighborhood, even jumping fences. With help from the Benton County Sheriff's Office, a perimeter was set up, and Pasco PD brought in one of their K-9s.

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The man was run down and captured without incident and no injuries were reported. WRPD says the suspect was also wanted on multiple outstanding warrants.

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