Our guess?  Will probably end up in a pawn shop, where he will get $.50 cents for it.

 Pasco Police are taking the car prowl seriously, they've posted pictures of the suspect hoping to catch him. But it's what he stole that's getting him bagged on big time.

What Did He Take From Truck?

Sunday afternoon, around 4:35 PM, surveillance cameras captured this obviously (at least!) middle-aged subject pedal up on his bike to a home in the 1700 block of Yakima Ave.


The man peered into the window of the nicer Audi sedan, and then was captured on video wrenching an obsolete 'dinosaur' Pioneer stereo deck out of the 1986 Mazda pickup parked nearby.

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Police said no tools were used, he just wrenched it out with his bare hands. Now, not only does that usually destroy the mounting brackets and often the wire harnesses, but it often renders the deck useless.

Besides, you can't even get parts for those anymore. Pasco Police mocked him this way:

" Honestly, is there still a dope house somewhere trading for stereo decks? Let’s make that place a museum."

Anyone who may know who this perp is, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

We're guessing from his mode of transportation, he's not likely to have a vehicle to mount the stolen stereo deck into anyway. Unless it's a Yugo.

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