Around 9pm Wednesday night, Kennewick police were able to help defuse a situation where a younger man had holed himself up in an apartment and was threatening 'death by cop.'

Police responded to the 4700 block of West Metaline to an apartment complex, and were told the man (whose name was not released) was possibly armed and was threatening to commit suicide by trying to force police to shoot him, hence, 'death by cop.'

A Mental Health Crisis (MHC) officer happened to be nearby, they were riding with a patrol officer. The MHC officer was able to establish communication with the man, who was said to be extremely distraught.

They were able to convince the man to exit his apartment without incident, and arrangements were quickly made for him to see a mental health crisis professional immediately.  No one was injured during the incident. Police credit the training and work of the MHC officer for helping defuse what could have been a very tragic situation, and say the hope the man is able to get the help he needs.

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